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Health Law Sign-up Season Opens | Health - Home

Washington state health exchange is working again - Yahoo News

Healthcare.gov FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Dozens of health organizations around the state are hosting sign up events as the second health insurance enrollment season kicks off. From a tailgating party with Gator fans in Gainesville to a beer festival in Pensacola, Floridians will have lots of opportunities to get in-person help whether they're signing up for the first time under the Affordable Care Act or renewing last year's plan. Open enrollment is much shorter this year. It started Saturday and runs through Feb. 15.
Health law sign-up season opens | Health - Home

Engineers spent the day fixing the problem and then tested the fix throughout the evening to make sure it worked, exchange chief executive Richard Onizuka said in a new release. At 8 a.m. Sunday, the system was working properly. "Consumers expect to be selecting and purchasing health coverage with the correct information," Onizuka said. "While we recognize that this Saturday was an inconvenience, being able to provide correct information to our customers is paramount to what we do." About 2,000 people were using the exchange each hour during the two [source] hours before it shut down Saturday. The exchange identified fewer than 800 customers who had their eligibility determined incorrectly and fewer than 150 hundred customers who had scheduled payment based on incorrect information. "We will be contacting each person to provide them with their accurate tax credit amount," Onizuka said.
Washington state health exchange is working again - Yahoo News

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